• Aditya Yadav
    Aditya Yadav
    Millennium Inventor & The Father of The Third Millennium.
    Polymath, Thinker, Comedian, Satirist, Philosopher, Inventor, Scientist, Physicist, Mathematician, Innovator
    Genius, Visionary, Entrepreneur, Consultant, Strategist, Management Guru
    Adviser, Mentor, Coach, Author, Generalist, Technologist
    Speaker, Architect, Data Scientist, Engineer, PolyGlot

    The Indian name Aditya means ‘Sun’. But it also means ‘Son of Aditi’, implying Lord Krishna...

    And as you can see Beauty & Modesty are not my strong points. Achieving the impossible is.
  • I'm the first in the world to Prove P = NP
    I solved the Millennium N-Queens Completion Problem in Polynomial Time.
    Ref: Clay Maths Institute
    I didn't give some ambiguous theoretical proof.
    I solved the problem and put up the solutions publicly for independant verification.
    NP problems are impossible to solve.
    But if someone (perhaps alien) gives you the solution
    It can be verified trivially in polynomial time
    My Solutions have been independently verified by 1000's of Research Organizations
    And Institutes Worldwide
    P = NP is hence Proven
    RSA 2048 & all Cryptography and more is broken
    Breakthroughs in 50+ Human Technology domains have hence been made/guaranteed
    From space travel, robotics, to cancer cure, to machine/deep learning,
    artificial general intelligence, chip design,
    perfect environment/financial/economic prediction, automatic proofs etc.
    The solution is proven/verified.
    And it simply works, it is not some theory
    Naysayers and Skeptics will go down in History as a Laughing Stock
    History is being written
    The ProblemThe Challenge
  • Ambition...

    stubbornness, nothing has changed,
    we fall, we pick ourselves up again,
    and we adapt...

    Lets begin!
  • Love
    Those who don't do it for money do it for love.
    Power, Sex, Money doesn't excite me much.
    I already am and want to be known as the most intelligent human who lived in the last 34000 years
    and the next 1000 years.
    My life's greatest achievement has been that in the last 20-25+ years of my career
    I have created the next 1000 years of human technology. And ensured the Health, Survival and Prosperity of The Human Race.
  • Why???
    Dent In The Universe
  • Right vs Wrong
    I spend an exhorbitant amount of time
    thinking about right from wrong.
    Because History is being written
    and I want to be on the Right Side of History.
  • Intelligent
    Money is perhaps the easiest problem to solve.
    I don't lose my sleep over it.
    I desire to be known as the
    most intelligent person born in the last 34000 years
    and the next 1000 years.
  • Hence Proved
    Proved P = NP.
    Solved 7 NP-Complete & 4 NP-Hard Problems in Polynomial Time.
    Solved the N-Queens Completion Problem [Millennium Prize]
    50-100+ Breakthroughs in 50+ Human Technology Domains.
  • Numbers
    I cracked RSA 2048 and more.
    I created the first usable million/billion digit Integer Factorization Algorithm
    I created the first usable million/billion digit Prime Number Test
  • I don't get involved with Politics,Religion or Activisim at all.

    And I'm Unconsciously Blind/Unbiased/Indifferent to...
    Diversity & Inclusion
  • I see the universe in ways no one can imagine.
  • Success
    Success is a state of the mind.
    When winners know they have already won.
    And its just a matter of time before victory manifests itself as reality.
  • Veritas
    In Roman mythology, Veritas, meaning truth,
    is the goddess of truth, a daughter of Chronos,
    the God of Time (who has been identified with Saturn-Cronus, perhaps first by Plutarch),
    and the mother of Virtus.
  • Pure Mind
    I perhaps conducted one of the deepest
    and most successful enquiry into
    the Universe, Science & Technology.
    This couldn't have been achievable
    if I didn't have one of the purest minds around.
  • Machine Learning
    My Lifetime Contribution to Machine Learning.
    Solved NP-Complete Problems in Clustering, Classification & Regression.
    Which solves ALL types of Machine Learning Problems.
    One Universal Underlying Algorithm for Everything ML.
  • Deep Learning
    My Lifetime Contribution to Deep Learning.
    I created the 'Universal' 'Turing Complete' Deep Learning Algorithm
    based on An Universal Approximation Function. (The - One Human Brain One Universal Algorithm For Everything Hypothesis).
  • Artificial General Intelligence
    My Lifetime Contribution to Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) aka Cognitive A.I. (wrongly by some)
    "AGI is the intelligence of a machine that could successfully perform any intellectual task that a human being can."
    I created the worlds first Turing Complete AGI.
    "Aggregate" AGI was not achieved using building blocks of
    perfect structured or unstructured knowledge representation based reasoning.
    But rather using building blocks of extraordinarily large degrees of approximate behavior.
    I was able to create "Aggregate" AGI which exhibited concepts of Capacity, IQ, Emotions, Growth, Decay, Temporal, Memory, Forgetting, Continuous Learning/Unlearning/Relearning.
    Literally everything the Biological Human Brain is like.
  • Generalists vs Specialists
    Given a complex enough problem a group of generalists (aka Polymaths)
    will beat a group of specialists many times over.
  • Bribe a Kid
    I can be very easily bribed with a Tea [Chai] or Cake.
  • Core Values
    Core Values
  • Indian History
    I'm agnostic to Religion...
    So don't get me wrong.
    In my search of the meaning of Life and the meaning of this Universe.
    I unravelled the Human Brain/Mind/Conciousness/Soul etc.
    But I studied the Ancient Science of the Indian Subcontinent.
    And completely deciphered a whole lot of it.
    It contained detailed 'scientific' information about the Solar System, Universe.
    And ultimately the Proof of God.
  • Nikola Tesla Quote
    The Future is Mine...
  • Money & Happiness
    Beyond a certain point Money is just a means of mental satisfaction...
    I don't bother about a couple of million dollars or lesser.
    $50m and I will look at it probably.
    $100m and I will give it a serious thought.
    $200m-$500m and you have got my undivided attention.
    A couple of billion dollars and just let me know what you need from me, as long as it is legal. I will get it done...
    Just because I like challenges and solving things considered impossible.
  • Secrets
    I keep secrets to the grave.
  • Give Me Truth
    Dear God, Give me the truth.

    I have one life and I want to learn and know everything.
  • Inter Galactic Beings
    The father of the third millennium and the founder of the intergalactic human race.

    The first human who hurled an insult instead of a stone was the founder of civilization.
    The first human who understood the meaning and working of mind, brain, soul, life and the universe
    is the father of the third millennium and the founder of the intergalactic human race.