Aditya is widely acknowledged as one of the Top Global Management Thinkers in the world. And he is not one of the top most but rather 'The' Top Most Emergent Strategist in the world today. He is based out of Bangalore in India.

Aditya is from Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay and Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore by education. He has been and is an advisor to Top Executives at top Fortune 500 companies as well as startups. His contributions and work in various areas by a rough estimate will or already impacts over 10 million citizens, 5000 academic institutes and over 100,000 companies, in India and across the World.

"No Fluff! Just Stuff!" - He is not just a Theorist but rather also a Practitioner with extensive Execution experience and has handled US$61+ Billion NPV (Free Cashflow) and US$204+ Billion PV-Revenue in business. "There is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path" - Matrix, The Movie. Aditya does both besides Thinking, Philosophy, Management, Strategy, Design, Architecture, Engineering, Data Science, Research, Writing, Speaking, Leadership Coaching, Consulting, Technology, Economics, Psychology, Medicine, Physics, Mathematics, History, Futurism, Astronomy, Law & Ethics, Sociology, etc. Basically everything except religion and politics.

If you don't understand Chutzpah or Shastrartha then you will not be able to appreciate him or understand his teachings. Especially if you are from the western world alien to these concepts you will term him as extremely Rude and/or Arrogant. As he says Honesty is his Strength and his secret sauce to success for his clientele but Modesty or lack thereof is his Weakness. He is the most Radical and/or Contrarian of anyone you would have ever met. A very no nonsense attitude and probably has the highest success ratio in the world for his consulting clientele.

Though his work touches every field of management practice. He has been known Globally for debunking more than a 100 long standing defunct management theories from the 20th and early 21st century. And ushering a Renaissance in Management thinking.


Aditya will be publishing 5 volumes of his Research and related Management thinking through his slideshare account. The best way for anyone to keep up with his work is to follow that. Its free and universally accessible, written in layman's language and digestible by anyone with an open and rational mind. Each volume is about 100 articles in a presentation format. Together the 5 volumes will offer the most cutting edge Encyclopedic Reference for Management Practitioners and Academics by an estimate sufficient for another century.

You can read more about his career history on his public linkedin profile

Feel free to Call: +91-99 [EIGHT] 6 [FIVE] 74 [ONE] 81 or Email: aditya [AT] adityayadav [DOT] com to discuss anything.