The 3 Causes I Work Towards are Solving and Fixing...



What we don't do?
We don't organize events, activisim, donation drives, massive movements, heroism or get emotional.
We don't get involved in government mandated but reluctant CSR initiatives.
Nor with pet projects of visionary leaders full of passion
but little or no structured fundamentals in approach or effectiveness.
Virtually every effort in the world is adhoc, and makes little difference in the long run.
This is because the World exists in a Markov Equilibrium,
adhoc efforts and interventions perturb the equilibrium
but the state of the world returns to the equilibrium very soon.
Negating all the efforts put in earlier.

So what do we actually do?

We take a very fundamental scientific approach to solving these 3 of the worlds toughest problems.
To really make an impact on this world we need to change the underlying fundamental equations.
We design and implement fundamental solutions which have an irreversible long term impact in solving these problems.