Management & Strategy...

Management & Strategy just like Creativity deals with "Infinity".
The complexity of the business domain approaches infinity.
Which implies that (1) Deterministic Solutions are not possible in most cases excepted isolated nano-use-cases.
Also (2) Closed Form Solutions are also not possible, unlike our Sciences and Technology.
Hence creating mountains of (3) Theory and attempting to solve Management & Strategy problems on paper in a closed form expression is an exercise in futility and naive.
The biggest flaw with (4) Empirical Solutions it that Ceteris Paribus is voilated the moment Empirical Solutions are applied to any other situation.
This leaves us with the only logical options of (5) Approximate and (6) Heuristic Solutions.
These are infact the only viable options we have to solve such problems.
But to proceed we will need (7) Critical Thinking - Facts, Assumptions, Hypothesis, Models, Theories, Laws to guide us.
[Theories and Laws, not so much, as discussed earlier].
Which then basically means we start with (8) First Principles and use (7) Critical Thinking and
create (5) Approximate & (6) Heuristic Solutions "afresh"
in each (9) Use Case and (10) Problem Situation we need to solve.

And thats exactly what I do.