Money is perhaps the easiest problem to solve...

I don't lose my sleep over it as long as my basic needs are met.
Because I can license any of my inventions for millions or even billions of dollars.
I don't think I'm worried that so and so is the richest person in the world and I'm not.
Because the combined total value of all my inventions
is in double or triple digit trillions of dollars.
Which is greater than the total GDP of the entire world as of today.
Villain - "I can deal with an ambitious man. He can be bought. But a man who wants nothing has no price."
Early years were a huge huge struggle.


My grandfather was an Electrical Engineer and Ayurveda Practitioner.
He worked in the New Delhi Electricity Board.
Retired and settled down in Faizabad/Ayodhya, U.P.
He always used to say "I'm building the foundations, my generations will build an empire"
He passed away before I was born.
He perhaps is the visionary who influenced the thinking in our family to a large extent.
My father is a Mathematician & Software Guru,
from Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata.
And my mother was a Home Maker.
My wife is an Electronics Engineer by education and works in Human Resources
My eldest daughter is 15 years old and wants to be a Fashion Designer
and graduate from Milan, Paris, New York or London.
My younger son is 12 years old
and wants to Design and Manufacture Robots and graduate from MIT.
He is extremely conversant with Robotics/AI/Space/Time/Black Holes/Quantum Physics
Relativity/Worm Holes/Birth and Fate of the Universe/Dark Matter and Dark Energy etc.
I have promised to put the worlds first Turing Complete - Artificial General Intelligence processor
into his Robots after he graduates from MIT.
I have arrived. The Final Labor is Done.
You want to know the truth about me? Here it is. Though I prefer it to the legend....

Early Years...

My first exposure to computers was at the age of 11.
ZX Spectrum used to cost Rs 3000 in those days.
I used to work on the shared computers in my father's office over the weekends.
Started with GW-Basic, Pascal, Prolog, Microsoft & Turbo Assembler, C/C++ etc.
Bill and Steve had a decade long headstart on me, and later in life I lost 15 years of my life.
Which explains why I have arrived so late.
But better late than never.
I still have half my life ahead of me.
My favourite computer games are Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X, Dirt3.
I normally work out of my home office
and have a Tesla Supercomputer, XBox One, PS4, 100's of TB's of storage,
Multi-TB/Month Optical Fiber Internet.
But my all time favourite past time is Empire Earth.
I love sports bikes and cars, beaches and california mansions.
And I dress extremely casually
Want to retire in the Swiss Alps.
By the time I was 18.
I had a burning desire to figure out the meaning of life, our existence and the universe.
So in my early adulthood I created a new physics, discovered the working of Brain, Mind, Soul, Life/Death/Rebirth, Heaven/Hell, Universe
and everything in it from Black Holes, Space-Time, Dark Energy/Matter, Expansion, Particle-Wave Duality etc.
I solved some of the toughest problems in the world from Mathematics,
Algorithms, Computer Science, Science etc.
which cannot be solved in a 1000 years given the state of human technology.
For example I'm the worlds first to solve 7 NP Complete (Incl. 1 Millenium Problem ref: Clay Math Institute)
and 4 NP-Hard Problems,
I was the worlds first to create a billion qubit Quantum Computer
and the person in the world to break RSA 2048 bit cryptography,
I created the worlds first ‘Commercial’ Post Quantum Cryptography implementation since 2014 CE, besides dozens of other things.
I have solved 50-100 of the underlying issues blocking human progress with the worlds toughest problems
from space travel, to cancer cure, to robotics, A.I., machine/deep learning, general artificial intelligence,
chip design, perfect environment/financial/economic prediction, theorem proving etc.
Absolutely love this video! and Avril for making it.
Sounds true to me. What do you think?


My mother died of cancer some years ago. Before she died she used to always say that I graduated from IIT Bombay.
But I have very faint memories of those days.
Next to nothing.
I think it was some bullshit a mother would say to make her son happy. As far as I'm concerned, I don't have any degree and I didn't study anything after 12th grade. Period!
It was my lifelong dream to graduate from Harvard Business School.
But that didn't happen for some unfortunate reason.
Which I will regret for the rest of my life.
I did an Executive Program in General Management
and a Certificate Program in Financial Engineering from IIM Bangalore.
One Life Principle
Within the bounds of legality, I have absolutely no rules - Free Mind, Free Will.

Am Perhaps The Unluckiest Man Alive...

Indians believe in Horoscope/Kundli.
I'm neither religious nor very fixated on Horoscopes.
But it clearly says. Aditya will have to struggle for everything in life.
For 10X the effort he will get only 1.
Others in the world will work only 1X and get 10 very easily and quickly compared to him.
and he will get it very late and sometimes will have to snatch what is rightfully his
or else he will be deprived by others.
In my life this has held true.
I have had to work phenomenally hard to get even the smallest things in life.
And I always got it after years or decades of Struggle.
My approach and philosophy in life since early years has hence always been
works so hard that even Lord Shiva (the toughest God to please) will present himself and grant all that you desire.
Beyond a certain stage even Gods won't be able to deny you.
In my life I have always been extremely unlucky e.g. money, relationships, career etc.
So much so that I have learnt to never play any games of chance.
I simply walk away from them.
I only play games of skill, and only those where I have past experience with that skill.
I lost 15+ years of my life.
But today I believe Lord Ganesh,Shiva, Krishna have gone out of their way to personally bless me.
Otherwise what I have achieved is literally impossible for any human to do.
Occam's Razor says thats the simplest and most logical explanation.
If anything about me confuses you...
Just r'ber I'm the biggest follower of Krishna