My work and I are Domain Agnostic, but to mention some neverthless...

Advanced Electronics Aerospace & Defense Agriculture
Automotive & Assembly Capital Projects & Infrastructure Chemicals
Consumer Packaged Goods Electric Power & Natural Gas Financial Services
Healthcare Systems & Services High Tech Media & Entertainment
Metals & Mining Oil & Gas Paper & Forest Products
Pharmaceuticals & Medical Products Private Equity & Principal Investors Public Sector
Retail Semiconductors Social Sector
Telecommunications Travel, Transport & Logistics
How does this work?

We will need a team to go back in time and play back that exist today till date and how it came to be so.
To go through the entire industry development and literature so far in the "problem" domain and all related domains.
They need to answer questions like - why everyone does what they do?
And whats possible and not possible with what exists today?
What are the things that are not possible with the curent state of human technology?
Help us in identifying and modelling the unsolvable problems.

I will take it from there.